Your brand is important

Using the top search engines and social media / strategies platforms we market your products to targeted customer groups, those most likely to convert. Your full e-commerce solution, through Amazon, will be setup by our dedicated team who will create the perfect product content to present your offerings to customers. With those, we also offer Brand Protection & Price Control services to give you control over market share and profit potential.

Mir solutions
Mir solutions

Social Media/Strategies

Our strategy employs three complimentary approaches that make the sale and protect your profits — Effective Digital Marketing, Brand Protection & Price Control, and Efficient Fulfillment Processing.

You need your brand in front of the people most likely to buy, but you don’t necessarily have the expertise to ramp up digital quickly, let alone effectively market yourself in the fluid digital landscape. We bring the digital tools and market strategy, you bring your goals, and together we achieve the sales.

But your brand goodwill can be eroded by resellers — offering your product below MAP, or offering your products internationally without your manufacture consent—ultimately diminishing your future earnings. We safeguard your brand and profits with a responsive brand and price infringement monitoring program.

Made the sale?

Our third-party logistics is one of our core operations, so we stand by our performance and service when we take care of your inventory. Fast. Effective. And protected in our secure warehouses.

Our strategy is to handle all of your digital marketing, e-commerce, and fulfillment in one partnership with us, the benefits are tremendous:

  1. We provide true end-to-end digital merchandising and marketing

  2. We fulfill your incoming orders for you

  3. We offer brand protection and price control by improving your digital presence and eliminating the need for resellers

  4. We give you digital leadership backed by decades of Amazon experience and successful client partnerships.

Think of us as a digital agency and 3PL partner in your corner. Digitally reaching out to your markets and allowing you to focus on making the great products you make.


Product Development & Launch

We at Brand Rightz follow a few goals when taking care to launch your product online. We present your product well. And we listen to the market.

Dedicated Team

We have a committed team that understands the digital market is like an ocean of trends that ebb and flow. We respond to it, and make adjustments to maximize your ROI.

Reach. Repeat.

We plan our strategies with you, execute according to best practices, listen to the market, retarget and repeat, and watch your business scale and our partnership flourish.

We embrace your vision and make it possible

We know what we do well, we support the vision of entrepreneurs to make their businesses more successful.

Join the rank of our successful clients

third party logistics

Add access to the highest level of 3PL

Online order fulfillment is one of our core operations. Brand Rightz guarantees the highest Third Party Logistics in the industry.

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