Trademarks & copyrights

We monitor your trademarks and copyrights to be sure they are being appropriately distributed.

Brand management

Continued brand protection is offered through regular consultations with our compliance experts.

Comprehensive brand protection across all channels

We are expert in every channel we work in and offer the same brand protection in every channel we work with you in.

Take control of your brand

If you want more time to concentrate on your core business; if you want less worry about brand erosion; you want an experienced team to give you the insights to plan the right moves in the digital space—we’re here waiting to partner with you.

Start today

Price control is a long-term brand value in the e-commerce market

Over time brand erosion reduces your product price, and at some point that price sticks. When that price sticks you’ll have to sell more to make the same profit—not good for future earnings. A priority on brand protection and price control is a focus on future profits.

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MAP compliance

Our long-term partners average a 92% MAP compliance.

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Advanced analytics

Our comprehensive dashboard visualizes all our compliance efforts for you.

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Improve your MAP program

Measured efforts easily lend to improvements, combine our expert experience with your track record to tweak your MAP program.

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Control distribution

When data-driven monitoring is linked with controlled distribution you have a winning advantage.

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Comprehensive view

Our visualization dashboard lets you easily see in one place which resellers are breaking your MAP policies. It gives insights on reseller’s historic violations so you know the trouble makers and provides reporting at the marketplace and merchant level.

Track. Enforce. Protect.

We begin brand monitoring by tracking resellers of your products for violations of your MAP. This is something that can be time consuming but essential to protect against brand erosion.

Once our monitoring system discovers violators of your MAP policy, we get to work communicating with the violator and Amazon Marketplace to rectify the infringement.

These insights are given to you through our visualization dashboard, painting a picture of those who are eroding your brand—so you can make the right strategic decisions to protect your business.

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